Chicago Trip Review.

     Hello everyone, I am very sorry that I have not had the chance to write anything on here in the past couple of weeks. I have been totally busy with school and just have not found the time. Even though I got back from Chicago like two weeks ago, I still want to update everyone on how the trip was because it was amazing to say the least!

     We left on Sunday, March 16 early in the morning and got back into town on Friday, March 21 around 8 P.M. So it was nearly a full week long. When we first left on the 16th, we all were very excited about getting there, but I think the road trip was worth it as well. We basically had 6 hours to act crazy because we were out by ourselves. When we were about 2 hours away from Chicago, we got this insane idea to throw water soaked napkins out the window at the other car behind us (we took 2 cars on the trip). It was probably a stupid thing to do.

     When we finally got into Chicago, we had to find our hotel so that we could get settled in. We ended up staying in a Howard Johnson Inn in the north side of Chicago. This was the first time that I had ever been to Chicago and it was an amazing thing to see all the large buildings that were there. I now have a new respect for large cities and what kind of culture that they have in them. When we got to our hotel, we received our keys to our rooms and unpacked all of our baggage and as soon as we got unpacked, we had to leave for our first meeting of the week at a pizza restaurant close to our hotel. I was very excited because the Chicago pizza is down right awesome!

     As soon as we got to the pizza place, we met up with the other two groups that were on this trip and they were both from Nebraska. It was so cool to meet them and to get to hang out with them through out the week. Our first meeting basically laid out our week for us and let us knows what we were going to be doing. We were planned to be on two different campuses through out the week.

     The first was, The College of Dupage. This was a community college with 25,000 students that were enrolled there. It was almost 8 times bigger that little Shawnee State University. Our time there was well spent. We got to hang out with lots of the students and share Jesus Christ with them. I ended up getting into some very interesting discussions with a few people. They were very rewarding and they challenged me to know my stuff. There was one conversation in particular that I enjoyed very much. It was with a group of about 5 other people and two friends and I were honored to share with them the gospel. We talked for just over an hour with them and they were very open. The cool thing is that I just received an email from a student there saying that our presence on the campus did not go un-noticed and that an impact was made there. Amen! What an amazing God we serve. Glory to Him our Lord and Savior!

     The second campus we visited was The University of Illinois at Chicago. This was a smaller school of about 17,000 students and still was much larger that Shawnee. We were only on this campus for one day, but in my opinion, it was the day that I learned the most on. While we were there, a friend and I got the chance to engage a group of Muslims in conversation about the gospel. It was totally amazing! There was group of about 20 of them and they all wanted to talk. I was so thankful because they were very warm hearted and wanted to discuss issues of faith with us. We talked to them for almost 2 hours and it was awesome. They were very open to what we had to say, and I think, all the thanks to Jesus, that there a few who really learned things about Christianity that they did not realize. It was a great conversation! By the end of the meeting, we had exchanged copies of the New Testament for them and copies of the quran for us. They were very generous. We also got to hear on guy in particular read the first chapter of the quran in aerobic. That was pretty cool as well. The good thing is that the gospel was shared and now it is totally up to God to do the work, after all, He is the one who saves!

     Another cool thing that we got the chance to do, was to help out with some basic cleaning with a very old Baptist church in the south side of Chicago. It was a very old church, but it was worth doing. There was a lot of history to that church that just amazed me. The pastor was very open and was glad to have us there. We spent about 3 hours there cleaning and doing some minor things that needed to be taken care of.

     If there is one thing that I took away from the trip, it was the new respect for the city. In fact, I think it is totally biblical to be concerned for the city. If you think about it, most of what happens in the bible takes place in the city. God sending Jonah to save the city of Nineveh, Paul at Rome, Jesus in Jerusalem, the book of Acts or Paul at Athens. Major things go down in the city. But why is that? I think the answer lies within the very purpose of what a city is for, and that is to house a diverse group of people.

     There are 3 million people from all over the world living in Chicago, and it is entirely diverse. Chicago is home to more polish people in the world with the exception of another city in Poland. That is wild! If there is this kind of diversity in large cities, then what an amazing opportunity there is to share the gospel. The gospel then has a chance to spread to the diverse groups of people in the world and be effective. That is mind blowing. I think that as Christians, we should be city minded when sharing the gospel. That is where everyone is at. I want you to think about this idea of a city and I want to challenge all of you to read scripture on it. You can check out Acts 17, Jonah, Revelation 21, Paul’s letters, any gospel accounts of Jesus addressing the crowds, and many more that are in the bible. It would be worth wile to investigate exactly what is going on in the cities.

     Thanks so much for reading this blog. I will post pictures of the trip up shortly when I get time. I hope that all of you will consider what the city has to offer. Thanks so much and glory be to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. He is amazing!





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  1. April 7, 2008 at 4:51 PM

    Awesome man! Sorry, I haven’t called back I’m so bad at that.

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