Election Aftermath and Obama


     In the past few days since the election of has passed, I have encountered many people with many opinions about the outcome of the election. Some people are very happy with the newly elected Obama, but there are those who are just down right disgusted with how the election played out. I am not writing to offer any support for either side, but I do want to talk about how we as Americans and especially as Christians should view this situation.

     The first thing that we should remember is that Obama is the candidate that the majority elected. We, as America, chose Obama to be our next president. I will have to agree that Obama being elected is a milestone in the history of the United States. We have come along way in the rights of African Americans since the foundation of this country. It is thrilling for sure to see how far we have come as a nation. I would hope that any and every American would see that.

     Although it is an amazing sight to see how far we have come, there are also some issues with Obama that we as Christians should consider. I know that Obama holds to a radically liberal approach to abortion and that is something that as a Christian can not be over looked. Abortion is a serious problem to be considered. As believers in Jesus Christ, we should at this time be in constant prayer and interceding for those future unborn babies that may be in danger of being aborted. I know that the abortion issue can get into some very complicated questions and situations, but the point here is not to offer a solution to every one of those, but to just simply say that abortion is not a valid excuse because someone “messed up”. To use abortion as a way out of a one night stand or something of that nature is absolutely ridiculous! Again, we need to be in prayer for issues such as this.

     Not only do we need to be in prayer for morality, but we need to be in prayer for policy. We need to be praying that Obama will lead the nation down the right path and make wise and intelligible choices not based on ignorance. Pray for the safety and well-being of the Obama family. Pray that the relationship between Obama and the nation will not be so hostile. As Christians, we need to just pray pray pray!

     One last issue that needs to be discussed is that of the sovereignty of God. As Americans, we need a nice dose of the sovereignty of God. I am reminded of Colossians 1: 15-17 where we learn that everything was created by and for Jesus Christ. Jesus is also in complete control of authorities and rulers (Remember Psalms 110 as well). With this in mind, no matter what we wanted, Jesus is in control of every situation, including this one!

     Friends, do not be consumed with earthly desires, our allegiance is to Jesus Christ and the glory of the Father in heaven. Regardless of what many think, Obama is not the anti-christ or anything like that, but just a charismatic figure that was chosen by the United States to be our next president. Consider once again, this is not to support or not support Obama but to talk about our job as Christians in all of this. Please consider my challenge to rise up as Christians and Americans to pray for Obama and to pray that ultimately God’s will to be done in this nation.


1 Response to “Election Aftermath and Obama”

  1. 1 Chris
    November 7, 2008 at 8:24 PM

    Some good and mature thoughts!

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