Respond to top 10 Reasons why Jesus is not God…Reason #9

 #9 Reason why Jesus is not God

     According to those on the Deen Show, another reason why Jesus cannot be God is that there are no explicit claims to Jesus’ divinity, even in the Bible. The guest on the show quotes passages like Isaiah 46:9 which say, “Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me”. They would also have us believe that if Jesus did claim to be God that He would have done so and “not beat around the bush”. If Jesus thought He was God, He would have been clear. Jesus never stated, anywhere, that He was God.

Objection to Reason #9

     To start with, I am honestly not sure why anyone would argue this way. If you do not think that Jesus is God or ever claimed to be God, I personally would not use the Bible for grounds to make this argument, especially the New Testament. It is abundantly clear that the New Testament, and I would argue the Old Testament as well, teaches Jesus’ divinity with an overwhelming number of passages that would advocate such a belief.

 However, I do need to make a distinction on what I mean. Those who are on the Deen Show are quoting passages that come from the Christian Bible and my arguments are coming from a Christian perspective. I would handle this argument differently if I were responding to a Jehovah’s Witness or someone who has altered the text of the Bible claiming that their version is correct. I would like to remind everyone reading that I am not attacking persons, but a worldview that I believe is incorrect. Once again, I have a tremendous respect for those on the Deen Show who were very humble and careful not to offend anyone. I would like to show the same humility in my responses but be fierce in defending Jesus who is indeed God.

     Again, quoting a passage like Isaiah 46:9 is not going to defeat the Christian worldview. Simply because we would also affirm that God is one and there is no other gods but Him. However, once again, there has been a misunderstanding of the Christian doctrine of the trinity. Christianity teaches that God is one, but in three persons. There are not three gods, but only one in three persons. You can read the previous blog post for more on this issue.

     The guest on the Deen Show also stated that there are passages in the Bible that could be read and interpreted wrongly that suggests that Jesus is God. The gentleman gave John 1:1 as an example of this. “In the beginning was the word, the word was with God, and the word was God” (John 1:1). As we progress in the first chapter of the gospel of John, we find that the word talked about in verse 1 is none other than Jesus Himself. What is interesting however is that those on the Deen Show misquoted John 1:1 and substituted the phrase “was God” with “became God”.

     The problem with this substitution is that is falsely states what the Bible says. The passage in John 1:1 does not say that the word became God, but rather that the word was God. Whatever or whoever this word is, was already God and has always existed. In fact, if you read on for the next few verses you will see that everything in creation was made through Him. This absolutely corresponds with other passages found in the New Testament that say Jesus is in fact the creator (Colossians 1:15-20 and Hebrews 1:1-5).

     Where I think the confusion comes in is where John 1:1 does say that the word became flesh. This however does not provide a problem because all it states is that the word, who is Jesus, becomes man. Now we are back to reason #10 from before. Scripture advocates that Jesus, who is God, was born. I believe it is absolutely clear that Scripture affirms the divinity of Jesus.

     Now, I would like to state several other passages in the Bible that would affirm Jesus being God:

John 8:58-59: “Jesus said to them (the Jewish leaders who doubted His divinity) Truly, truly I say unto you, Before Abraham was born, I AM! They took up stones therefore to cast at Him: but Jesus hid Himself and went out of the temple”.

     This passage is huge because Jesus referred to Himself as “I AM”. This is the name that God gave Himself and told Moses to tell to pharaoh just before the Exodus. Jesus identified Himself as the God who appeared to Moses in Exodus 3:14. The Jewish leaders knew exactly what He was saying because they picked up stones to kill Jesus. They thought Jesus was blaspheming because He claimed to be God.

Mark 2:1-12. This is the story about the paralytic who was dropped in through the roof by his friends because there was such a large crowed that they could not get their friend in to see Jesus. However, when Jesus saw this, he decided to heal this paralytic, but the interesting thing to consider is that Jesus claimed to forgive this man’s sins. When Jesus did this, it made the Jewish leaders angry because once again they thought He was blaspheming, claiming to be God. “Who can forgive sins, but God along” they uttered? No one has the ability to forgive sins but God! This is the point. So in order to show the truthfulness of Jesus’ claims, he asks if it is easier to say that someone sins are forgiven or to tell the paralytic to get up and walk? So in order to prove that He is God, Jesus tells the paralytic to walk, and to everyone’s surprise, he walks! So once again, Jesus proves that He is God.

Mark 14:53-65. This is the passage where Jesus is questioned before the Jewish council. They ask Him to prove if He is the one who was to come. Jesus gave an interesting answer, “And Jesus said to them, I am, and you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of Power, and coming with the clouds of heaven”. As a result, and should be no surprise, the Jewish leaders once more thought Jesus was blaspheming so they condemned Him.

 The reason why this answer was so important to the Jewish leaders is that Jesus was making reference back to Daniel chapter 7 where Daniel sees a figure that is given all authority and dominion. Jesus was claiming to be that figure that Daniel saw. This is why Jesus claimed to be the Son of Man. This reference comes from Daniel 7. Again, this is a third example of Jesus claiming to be God.

     Overall there are many more passage in which Jesus is portrayed to be God, but this post could continue forever. The point here is that the Bible does in fact claim that Jesus is God. God did not beat around the bush as some might suspect, but clearly presented this in His word. In the end, I am not so sure why people like to argue that Jesus never claimed to be God, because He in fact did do so. I would urge all those who doubt Jesus’ divinity to reconsider their thoughts on the matter because it is over abundantly clear that Scripture affirms this truth. In the end, every knee will bow before Jesus and recognize Him as God, even if you believe in His divinity or not. Now this is an interesting thought to consider. Click here to view the Deen Show video.


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